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Our Story

We’ve had a clear idea in our company since the very beginning. We wanted to have a company where all the people know each other well and help each other, irrespective of their position. So far, we have been convinced that these are the values which make every employee happy with their everyday work. It’s the key to success.

Why? Only someone who’s happy at work is able to care for his or her customers so that they are also satisfied. For us, a customer means a specific person representing a company. We are aware of that, and therefore one customer is always assigned one dispatcher in our company. This system guarantees a personal approach as the two parties know each other well and help each other out. They are satisfied with the work they carry out together.

Do you know what our company logo means?

It is a four-leaf clover, the symbol of good luck.

We implement your wishes and requirements

We provide transport services all over Europe, from smaller one-off parcels to large-volume cargoes.We always keep one contact person for each customer. One dispatcher, a professional, will always be in touch with you. He will help you and look for the optimum type of transport together with you. He will always regularly inform you about the course of the job.

What types of transport are they?

Full Truck Loads

If you need to transport loads which are large or heavy (up to 24 tons) anywhere in Europe, we offer our own fleet of 60 large-volume 120 cu.m. HGVs and 100 cu.m. semi-trailers.

One-off Consignments

Do you need to dispatch smaller consignments which do not require full truck capacity? By pooling several consignments in one vehicle, you can save a lot.

Express Consignments

If the delivery time is the most important factor, we have the solution. Thanks to our long experience, we are able to supply an express transport estimate within 15 minutes.

Project Transports and Warehousing

With larger projects, we always provide an individual estimate for a comprehensive transport solution. In combination with our own warehouse, offering 800 sq.m. right on our premises in Jicin, we will certainly be able to find a suitable logistics solution for you, too.

We are proud of our reliable drivers.

It’s the drivers who represent our whole team in person when dealing with our customers all over Europe. We therefore jointly take pride in their helpful and pleasant behaviour. They all adhere to the compulsory break schedule and fully utilise the driving time as per 561/2006/ES. You can therefore be certain that your consignment will be delivered safely on time to the required destination. That’s the destination for your consignment.

Our goal is a satisfied and happy customer!


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